Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things We are Thankful for...in Pictures

The imb, thanks to your generous giving,  has provided us with a very nice van that has been used previously by two other families.  It is Hyundai H1 - 12 seater - diesel van. It has 207,000 kilometers (130 thousand miles) on it (well, neither the speedometer nor the odometer work so it definitely has more miles on it than this) but it still runs well. FYI: Eric keeps track of his speed using the GPS.  :o)

Argentina has the most wonderful ice-cream and we have a very nice little quaint ice-cream shop down the block from our apartment.  Sofia loves ice cream!

We packed a few toys for the kids to have on hand once we first arrived.  Here, Olivia and Lucia are enjoying a pretend "tea party" with Lucia's bears.  Lucia LOVES playing with "Sissy." 

Here, Kristi was trying (rather unsuccessfully) to whip cream with an old hand beater.

Elias playing 'soccer' with a make-shift ball in our little apartment's patio. 

Lucia's turbo wrap!  :o)

"Alfajores de Maizena"  Alfajores are cookies with a filling sandwiched in between.  These are the traditional kind - where the cookies are made of cornstarch dough and the filling is "dulce de leche" (sort of like a thick and rich caramel).  Recipe coming soon.....
Argentine Gaucho at a local "feria" or outdoor type market.  The Gaucho is the 'cowboy' of Argentina.

Gaucho playing "Sortija" A game where the rider tries to hook a small pin through a small metal ring while riding at a high speed.

Olivia enjoying the feria and watching the horses.

The whole Stanton bunch at the end of a long afternoon at the "Feria de Mataderos."  We had a great time looking at locally made crafts, eating local foods (choripan and tortas fritas), and talking with people.

Christ is Risen!

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  1. So good to here from you. We pray for you and know that you are where God has led you!


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