Friday, April 12, 2013

A New (big) Stroller...

Some of you may recall that our double stroller was damaged on the flight to B. A.  We began to pray that the Lord would meet that need.  Some dear friends have let us borrow their umbrella stroller while we tried to find a good deal on a stroller somewhere here.  Needless to say, God chose to provide in a very interesting way!
We were pleasantly surprised to hear that some of Kristi's brother's friends would be traveling to B.A., and they said they'd be willing to bring in a stroller for us.
The search began...for a double stroller at a good price because we knew we'd have to pay the extra luggage fees to get it here.

This is the box the stroller was packed inside!
To make a long story short, Eric was on the phone talking with the family selling their stroller (on craigslist) and when the man found out that we were missionaries, he said that he and his wife had also served as missionaries overseas for many years.  He then told Eric that they felt led to give us the stroller!  We couldn't believe it!  This is a nice (big) double stroller!  Kristi's parents picked it up on their way to visit with her brother and family, and then they all wrapped it and packed it in order to ship it safely here.

The second part of the story is that the men bringing in the stroller and extra suitcase for us were not required to pay extra luggage fees! 

Getting special cards from cousins and friends is a treat!
Our family back in the USA was able to purchase a few items we requested and some dear friends from Arkansas sent in several special goodies for our children (including some nice artwork that went up in the kid's bedroom).  These friends have a passion for evangelism and shared with us some resources to help equip us and others in how to share Christ with the people here who have a post-modern worldview. 
A group of children from FBC Plainview,TX sent these!

A special group of children from First Baptist Church in Plainview, TX made some 'salvation bracelets' and sent those in for use (by us or others) in evangelism as well.

Some of our friends sent in jumbo colors for the little girls - Lucia felt special that she also received cards and pictures!

Elias displaying a picture by a special friend!
As you can see, our stroller is big and bright!  But you know what?  God gave it to us - so we gave it back for His glory!  We call it our Humvee stroller!  And now, anyone who comments on it or asks us where we got it...we not only have the stroller to meet our needs but we have a story to tell on how God provides for His children! 

And here it is!  The Humvee Stroller that God provided in answer to prayer! 

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