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We both grew up as "TCK's" (Third Culture Kids) in Argentina.  What a blessing to see God bring us together in marriage, uniting our common backgrounds!  We were married in 2000, and have thoroughly enjoyed every year together.  Since 2002, we have lived and served overseas.  Due to the location, and the work in which we were involved, we are not able to share many details about those years.  However, the Lord gets all the glory because He is at work EVERYWHERE!  We are blessed to have the privilege of seeing His activity among various people groups, drawing them to Himself.
We lived in the U.S.  for a little over two years, praying to see where the Lord was leading us next and engaging in opportunities for ministry as much as possible.  During that time, Eric became licensed as an insurance agent, and has been selling life and health insurance with an “endorsed local provider” for Dave Ramsey.  It has been interesting for him to work in this new endeavor, and he has enjoyed helping people with insurance needs.

In the fall of 2012, we sensed God calling us to serve Him overseas again, this time in Argentina.  We would have never thought God would lead us to where we grew up as children.  While we don't feel as if we're "going home" (it's been over 20 years since Eric last visited Argentina, and 14 years for Kristi) we are enjoying rediscovering this beautiful country.  It has been a special treat to visit some of the "familiar" places, now together.
In Argentina, our work is focused on the southern part of the country (South B.A. province and into the Patagonia region), trying to cast a vision for reaching the argentines there, mobilizing and helping to equip the local church to fulfill God's task in this corner of the world.  We don't enter into this ministry endeavor lightly.  In all honesty, it took us a long time of praying, fasting, and seeking wisdom and advice from others, all the while trying to lay our own desires on the altar.  This was a very hard decision for us but we knew we needed to take the next step and accept the position.  Needless to say, we are grateful that the Lord would allow us to be involved in such a ministry and are glad to be here!
We have five children.  Our oldest three, Olivia (age 10), Elías (7) and Sofía (4) were born overseas.  Lucía (2) was born in our missionary home in the USA.  Emilia was born May 20th at home (in our mission apartment) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
To God be all the glory!

Please also visit our family's blog at: entrustedheritage.blogspot.com.   This blog, while not updated as much, has more of a family ministry focus with several other fun topics such as homeschooling, cooking, equipping sons and daughters, etc.

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