Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flooding In La Plata - The City Where We've Been Asked to Live

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You may have heard, or read, in the news about the damaging flooding which occurred over the last several days in Buenos Aires and La Plata (where about 16 inches of rain fell in two hours on April 1st/2nd).  We would like to share some information regarding a local pastor (Alejandro and Silvia Alvarez) and his family who live in La Plata.  The Argentine Baptist Association has requested help on behalf of this brother and his family.  The Lord protected them from harm during the flood by the fact that they weren't home when the flood began and could not get to their house for several hours.   Once this pastor, his wife, and young baby girl were able to return home, they saw all the damage that was done.  Many from the local churches are pooling resources and sending them down with youth groups and other groups going down to help this family tomorrow.  They have requested things such as diapers, clothing for their toddler, bottled water, milk, cleaning supplies, etc.  They will also need towels, bedding, mattresses, etc.

An aerial view of flooded streets in La Plata on Wednesday.

We have not yet met Pastor Alvarez but, in partnership with the Argentine Baptist Association, would like to help in any way we can.  Please lift up this brother, his family, their neighbors, as well as the many thousands who are in desperate need.  The local church is trying to use this opportunity to reach out and minister to those around them. Those affected by the flood are angry that they have not received more help from the local government.  They are desperate and in great need.  May the Lord use this difficult situation to mobilize His people to share the Good News of Christ through meeting the needs of neighbors.

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