Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cordoba - Pastor's Retreat

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A little glimpse into our 6 year old son's thoughts on getting to go on an important trip with Daddy...

Yesterday morning, Elías walked into our little kitchen with a very serious look on his face.  I could tell he was thinking of something important.  "Mommy," he said, "I just can't believe Daddy would take me with him to this retreat!"  When I asked him why he said this, he replied (with a lot of excitement in his voice): "Well, I just don't think many daddy's would take their 6 year old sons to a PASTOR'S RETREAT!"  I told him that from the very beginning Eric had the idea and desire to take him along because he is not only special but also because he really wanted his companionship and the blessing of his presence.  He then began to recall all the other times Eric has taken him (or the other children) along on trips, meetings, and outings...he concluded that this was the biggest "outing" yet and said he was very excited.  (Note: we have more information on our family's blog about why we take our children along with us as much as possible, about discipleship with our children, etc.  This blog gives a glimpse into our family's life and how the Lord is building our home - He gets all the glory:
So at 10 p.m. last night came the anticipated moment of hearing the taxi driver ring our apartment's buzzer.  Praise the Lord that although the taxi driver had misunderstood which terminal to take them to (he took them to the small airport terminal at first), they arrived just in time to board the bus at 11:15 p.m. and begin the 12 hour journey to Cordoba.

Close to midnight, after having a very late night of bonding with my two oldest girls, Eric and Elías called us to say goodnight and give us a little run-down on the bus.  Apparently, these are very nice buses.  Elías was excited to ride on the top deck of the double decker.  They both said the seats were comfortable! 

It's a good thing we packed several snacks for the guys since they said they didn't get served any food on the bus (as they had been told by the agency).  :O)  So, between a bag of 'Doritos' (a very special treat we found in a little supermarket), a package of crackers, some chocolate covered peanuts, and some canned meat...I am sure they were fine.

In a recent conversation with Eric, he said that they had been given a room and were planning on eating some lunch before too long.  I am sure they will try to rest before the 'kickoff' this evening.  I will be posting the schedule of the retreat later today in order for you to have more specific ideas of how to pray for Eric, Elías, and the rest of the local pastors and missionaries.  Thank you for keeping up with us and for sending us encouragement and special notes!    - Kristi

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