Monday, November 18, 2013

Mate (Ma-te)...Argentina's National Tea (and a video tutorial)

Mate (Ma-te) is Argentina's national tea.  It is traditionally consumed by adding the loose, dried, herb (called: Yerba Ma-te) within a gourd or
wooden cup with a straining type straw (bombilla) placed inside it.  Hot water is then poured into the vessel and the tea is sipped with friends and/or family every day.  To be invited to "share a ma-te" with someone is like being included in the circle or in the family.  While this herbal drink is becoming more and more popular among herbalists around the world for its medicinal properties, here in Argentina, it is prized because of its tradition. 

One of our good friends, and a soon-to-be national missionary, Ricky S., shows us how to properly prepare "a ma-te" in this video.  Keep in mind that making the 'perfect ma-te' is something like making the prefect iced-tea in the U.S.A.  Every family has their own secret.  Enjoy!


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