Thursday, November 21, 2013

Buying Chicken And Eggs at the Mercado...a short video...

When we go to a nearby (indoor) market, this is the little corner where we buy chicken and "farm eggs." 
We've noticed that this gentleman is open to the gospel.  He was very proud for us to make this video of his store to share with friends and family. 



  1. Do the chickens still have their heads and feet? That is how it was when we were there. We always had the head and feet chopped off before we brought it home. Do they still wrap the eggs in newspaper? That would be an interesting video. I could never do it as tight as they could. It is an art!!! LOL Love your blog. Sarah W.

    1. You know, at this market, they are headless and feetless! They STILL wrap the eggs in newspaper and you're right...very interesting...don't know how they do it and really had a hard time knowing how to unwrap them as well! :o) Thanks for your feedback!


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