Sunday, September 1, 2013

Urgent Request

Dear Friends and Family,

This is a super quick update to let you know we flew into the USA (Tyler, TX) – arriving Tuesday after receiving a call from my dad (Richard De Leon) on Sunday saying that Mom isn’t doing well.  We were on our big trip down south in Argentina and immediately packed up and drove through the night back to Buenos Aires.  We arrived back into B.A. Monday morning and were able to get things ready, find last minute tickets and re-pack so we could fly out that night.  Originally, just Kristi and the baby were going to come but after a doctor’s visit Monday morning, Dad called us and said things weren’t looking good and that it might be just a matter of time.  So, this confirmed to us that all of us needed to come.  

I will include her update in this message in case you don’t already get her updates (it has more information about her situation).  She is doing ok, resting a lot.  She is receiving in-home Hospice care.  Dad, my brother, and I are doing most of the care along with the support of Eric and Jennifer (my brother's wife).  We are SO thankful that we arrived in time to enjoy some much needed special moments with her and the rest of the family.  We will be staying in the USA for several weeks.  Please lift up our family during this time.   


Thank you!
We sent this update out a few days ago....
As we sit here to try to write an update on behalf of Mom (who is resting in
her room), we (Eric and Kristi Stanton, Micah and Jennifer De Leon, and
Richard De Leon) realize that there is NO WAY all five of us could write the
kind of update Mom would write!

Due to the results from the latest liver sonogram, blood work (showing
lowering platelets even after having received platelets), as well as several
other physical symptoms, the doctor has said that her liver is very
compromised and may begin to shut down.  Other than giving her pain
medication, there is not much more they can do to help.   Even though she is
spending more time resting, she still has her bright smile and cheerful
countenance.  Her humor is still there.  Just this evening, as she was being
visited by several sisters from one of the Spanish churches in Tyler, she
was encouraging them and admonishing them to keep on serving the Lord with
His joy.

There has been such an outpour of love and support for my parents (and the
rest of us) by many friends and loved ones .  Mom and Dad have repeatedly
said that they don’t know how they could make it without this extensive
spiritual family.  THANK YOU!!!!!

We would love to write the kind of update Mom would but none of us have her
gift.  However, we decided that one of Mom’s best attributes is her
determination to focus on the blessings of the Lord.  She says it isn’t a
gift – it is a choice to focus on the blessing.   So, join us in praying for
Mom.  We still believe that God can heal her if He chooses to do so for His
glory.  Pray for her comfort and for no complications that would force her
to go to the hospital.  Her desire is to be here at home surrounded by the
sounds of her Grammy bears and family.

We are rejoicing in the Lord for this beautiful time together.  We praise
the Lord for a family who loves Jesus and has the peace and JOY that comes
from knowing Him.  We rejoice in  friends that are coming by and remembering
the fun and special times shared.  We…(wait, Dad said that Mom asked that we
wait and let her PLEASE dictate what to write…)  :o) Only Mom!  Rejoice that
we don’t have to finish this update ourselves.

Mom wanted us to change the “update” to: The latest sonogram revealed that
the current hairball population has increased to such an extent disallowing
“normal” liver function…which means that the cat invited help and has gone
wild  (Micah says, ‘it’s having a party.”  Eric says, “it’s having a feline
frenzy.”)  As a result, hairballs don’t fit well into the kidneys and they
stifle the production of platelets.  Because we know the Bible says that our
bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, we also know that only God can
correct the hairball situation…whether in this world or through our eternity
with Him to come.  We still need for God’s honor and glory to be manifest
above and beyond all of our circumstances.  We anticipate that very thing
either by a second miracle (the first already having been made at the cross
of Calvary), or by His taking me home.  At present time, under Hospice
in-home care, we are discovering the joys of family reunion as our children
have come in from West TX and South America.  We have received an OVERDOSE
of God’s peace and the sense of His presence and the utter delight of
knowing that our families will again be reunited with our Savior Healer in
His Kingdom.  We continue praising God for your faithful prayer support.

Under HIS Mercies,

Karen, Richard and family



Eric and Kristi Stanton

Olivia, Elias, Sofia, Lucia, and Emilia

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