Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post by Olivia and Elias

Olivia's Section:  This trip has been fun but any time you travel with several little kids and a baby it can get hard. They usually need help buckling, eating, passing things, entertaining and more.  The nice thing is that Mommy and Daddy don't mind that much about how much time it takes us so we go to rest stops where we can run off our energy.

Sea lions
There have been many things to see and do along the way.  We liked seeing the wales, sea lions (with their babies), and a few guanacos.  There was a missionary down here that knew of a dinosaur museum with lots of dinosaur fossils and petrified eggs which have been found all through the Patagonia.  We also got to see some petrified dinosaur eggs which our Grammy (Karen De Leon) found many years ago.  That was really neat!

Us kids looking at the sea lions
Last night, we arrived very late and got some food and went to bed.  I got to sleep between Sofia and Lucia - that was fun!  Some of the time it was a giggle party.  This morning, I was the last one up (I was very tired!).  After breakfast, we heard Argentine Folklore music playing from the little park across the street from where we are staying.  A little later, Daddy took us to the park to play while Mommy finished cooking lunch.

Alright, I better let Elias have his turn!  Good bye for now.  I miss all of you very much!!  - Olivia

At the dinosaur museum in Trelew
Elias' Section:  Hi!  This is Elias. We are going on a looooooooooonnnnnnng trip and on the way, Mommy took us to buy souvenir with our own money.  I bought a blue wooden boat which I plan to put in my bedroom.  They also had a yellow one and a black one which I did not buy because I like blue if there is no other boyly color.
Lucia holding a stuffed baby penguin at the Ecocenter
Mommy and Daddy took us to the beach in Puerto Madryn.  I enjoyed collecting soooooooooooooooo many sea shells.  I asked Uncle Grady Milstead how to make them not stink.  He said to put bleach water in a bowl and put your sea shells in there (Mommy said I can't do this without her help).  After that, you put them out in the sun and let them dry.  Then I asked him why he has salt in the bottom of his and he said it was so that they would look like they had a seashore under them.
We went to an ecocenter and we saw lots of interesting stuff.  The funniest part was getting to walk through a hallway full of hanging ropes that symbolized the gills inside the whale.  I better let Mommy hold Emilia.  Good bye!  I love you all!  - Elias

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