Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organized Chaos

We are getting ready to head to the Patagonia.  We have all our bags packed, our water bottles ready, our car equipment, our blankets, our food, etc...pretty much everything 'but the kitchen sink.'  It is always our intention to travel light (chuckle) but it never seems to happen.
Anyway, the Lord opened the door for our family to travel to Puerto Madryn (province of Chubut), where there is a Patagonia Pastor's Retreat and a Pastor Ordination service.  It will be a great time to get to know many of the pastor's that work and live in the vast area of the Patagonia.  We will also get to see our team-members that live down south.  Team members?  Yes!  More about that later.
Eric was asked to share a devotional Saturday morning.  Arrangements were made for our family to stay in a hostel owned by one of the church members.  We are grateful that there is a private bathroom in the bedroom!  That is a blessing. 
We have made small gifts to hand out to the pastors (we had lots of pictures but I can't get them uploaded at the moment) and pray these will be a blessing to them.  There is so much more to share but not the time.  Hopefully we will post some while on the trip.  Perhaps we will get to see the whales, sea elephants and sea lions at the "Peninsula Valdes."  Kristi's parents say that it isn't uncommon to see Guanaco and rabbit out in the flat lands of the Patagonia.  So...who knows!  Please pray for safety as we travel. 
It would take 17 hours of driving to get to our destination (without stops).  So, we plan on driving 8 hours to "Bahia Blanca" and spending the night there.  Then, we will drive the rest of the way into Puerto Madryn and find a place to stay (one night) until we can check into the Hostel Maranata

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  1. Your mom and I remember the long hrs of traveling. We will pray for you and those that will be at the meeting. Please say HOLA to all those the remember us.
    Dad and Mom De Leon


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