Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back in Argentina...

The Lord was so good to allow us all to travel back to the USA and to be with Mom before she passed away.  It is still hard to believe that she is no longer with us but we are forever grateful for her life, her testimony, and the hope we all share to be together again in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
After Mom's home-going, we stayed in Tyler with Dad helping him continue to unpack, hang things on the walls, get rid of things, and go through Mom's things as well.  We had such a sweet time together.  It was extremely hard to doesn't get easier!  We also shared several special moments with Eric's parents who made three trips down from Arkansas to be with us and help however they could.  My brother and sister (in-love) and their three children were also able to be at Dad's house many of the weekends and we all had a great time together. 

We have several pictures to share of things we've done since our return.  Enjoy!

Eric sits in-between Sofia and Lucia and Elias helps on the other side of Lucia
Wiped out after the trip!!!

We celebrated Eric's b-day on the 25th!

Eric got Silly-Putty for his b-day...
 We played a game where everyone had to sculpt certain things with the silly-putty.  Some of the things we had to sculpt were from Bible stories.

Elias chose to sculpt the parable of the seeds falling on different soils for his turn
For sculpting something that 'gives light,' Eric chose to do Sofia since she's our "Sunny Bear."

Olivia also sculpted "Sofia" for the "gives light" turn.

Lucia also having fun with Mommy's silly-putty...except she and Mommy both got it stuck to their clothes...any hints on getting it out??????  Already tried to freezer trick!

Happy birthday Daddy!!!!  We love you!!!



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