Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feliz Dia Del Amigo (Happy Friend's Day)!!!!

We're thankful for our little photographer, Olivia
We've had a wonderful week full of several get-togethers.  It was a privilege to meet the Vecchiarelli family who used to work in Malargüe (province of Mendoza) with Kristi's parents many years ago.  They came over for "merienda" (afternoon tea time) on Thursday.  We had a nice visit and learned a lot about the ministries in which they are involved (training churches on how to begin AWANA programs for children).  They work in the "Cono Sur" (south cone) of South America (Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina).  They had a lot of insight and experiences to share with us and are a neat couple; we praise the Lord for the blessing of re-connecting with them.  

Ricardo and Liseth
On Friday morning, we had a fun visit with a couple who feels God's calling on their life to move down to the Patagonia region.  They shared about their call and the journey the Lord has brought them on.  They're expecting their first child late September so we will be praying for a healthy baby and birth.  We hope to have more visits with them.   Please pray for God's direction in terms of when to relocate and for God's provision for them.  Ricardo is currently working as a nurse.  He also teaches how to play musical instruments (we forgot to ask which one!) and is completing training to get certified to repair motorcycles.  You can say he is honing those "tent-making" skills!

All bundled up and ready for some outdoor play time at a nearby park
Last night we visited some colleagues who live on the other side of Buenos Aires.  It was a fun evening.  The kids had prepared little cards for their friends for Dia del Amigo (friend day); the girls made little bracelets for their friend and Elias inflated his last balloon to give to his little friend.  Sweet!

The funny thing is that a few days ago, while our family was doing some grocery shopping, the kids started reading the signs: "Dia Del Niño"  (national Children's Day).  They got pretty excited since this day is coming in August!   One of the many neat things about being an MK is that you have double the holidays to celebrate!!
 Today, in celebration of Dia del Amigo...our family had a "build your own pizza" party.  We had invited some friends but they could not make it.  We had a lot of fun - even if half the toppings got eaten while the building was being done!!  The favorite toppings were the green olives and sautéed onions!  We also had zapallito (little round zucchini squash), sautéed mushrooms, sautéed red bell pepper, meat, and cheese.  One of the exotic toppings we let the kids try (well, those that wanted to) was anchovies. We also celebrated with ice cream for dessert and then had fun fellowshipping together.

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