Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Update

After the birth of Emilia, we have been busy getting back into a routine, continuing to learn the ropes of living here, and, LOTS of paperwork.  Not a week has gone by that we haven't had to go to a certain government office for paperwork (and usually multiple times a week).  We praise the Lord that we received Emilia's documents and are praying for ours to get completed soon. 

Our children are transitioning to a new school schedule (since we're in the middle of winter here) that would allow us to homeschool closer to an Argentine calendar. They are learning Spanish and enjoying life, as they know it, in Argentina.  We are ready to get settled however.  We love our little apartment and have enjoyed the many blessings the Lord has brought our way while living here but after living in 'transition' for three years, we're ready to get a little more settled.

Emilia Nora - posing for her document pictures

We appreciate your loving encouragement and your prayers.  The hardest part of being here, thus far, is being far from so many loved ones and especially from Kristi's parents (many of you will remember that her mother, Karen, is battling bone cancer.  Her doctor recently found some spots on her liver as well).  We continue to ask our Lord for complete healing for Karen.  We marvel at the opportunities the Lord gives her and Richard (Kristi's father) to witness and give glory to the Lord through their journey.  Karen is one of the most positive and joyful people on earth.  Her excitement, her humor, and heavenly view of earthly matters are evident in the updates she writes and sends out.  Click here to download/view her latest update.  She will have a meeting with her oncologist tomorrow to discuss the results of her last CT scan and the new treatment she is using. 
Thank you for praying for her! 


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