Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Kristi!! March 10th

We have had a couple of semi-busy days filled with getting groceries (meaning multiple trips by foot to little local grocers and stores), getting our cell phones set up, un-packing (which isn't even half done), and meeting with new (and old) friends.  We can't seem to go out of our apartment without meeting someone who remembers Eric's parents or Kristi's parents.  We continue to be thankful for the many friends and colleagues who have offered to help us with anything we need.  We've had lots of questions and undoubtedly will have many more.  Since our arrival, while two of our girls are getting over their strep, another one started with the symptoms and fever yesterday.  What can we say, we're a sharing family!

Lord willing we will begin paperwork tomorrow towards obtaining our visas and other necessary documents.  This can be a lengthy and involved process.  We appreciate you praying specifically for people of peace along the way and for opportunities to share the good news of Christ.

Easter is coming up...we've already seen the little Argentine signs of Easter - the chocolate covered (surprised filled) eggs for children.  The Catholics who come by your door asking for donations toward the commemoration of Christ's death.  This is a country filled with beautiful, loving people who are lost and have no hope.  The economy is bad.  Politics are bad.  Everything seems hopeless.  Yet, we have a Story to tell to the Nations.  What better time to do this than during this time of celebrating our Savior's resurrection!

In closing, we'd like to share a few pictures of the last few days...including some from Kristi's birthday.  Thanks for stopping by!

Right below our apartment, is the Mission's Offices.  This is the entryway (with a cute little neighbor standing in front)

For those of you who used to live here...remember these pictures?

Dinner, in the conference room, with another family

We're going through the water!  Thanks to some dear colleagues  we are setting up a Katadyn water filter today.  That will save us money AND trips to the store!

From our balcony - this is the Baptist Seminary
Down our street at night!

Opening cards for Kristi's birthday

A special gift: a mate thermos
Early morning fun with drawing boards

Notice how this package got opened before we could even take a picture!
We tried a Terma taste that was new for us: Red Grapefruit!
And, notice the soda bottle with spout - now in plastic bottles!

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  1. Aww; looks like the Rocks' old place! "Welcome home!" =) ~susana


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