Thursday, March 7, 2013

God is Good!

Now that's a lot of luggage!
After landing in Ezeiza International Airport this morning, making our way through passport control, and trying to find some help so we could get ALL our luggage through customs...we were greeted by some wonderful people with whom we will be working here in Argentina.  They graciously helped us get all the heavy luggage to the cars, get us to our apartment  and unloaded the luggage for us.  Once in the apartment  we realized just how much people have done to bless us and prepare for our arrival.  Meals were ready, in the fridge, snacks were ready for munching, and there was a good variety of fresh fruit to choose from as well.  We were so grateful to have these items waiting on us!  Our colleges have planned to bring us meals or have us in their homes enough to cover the first several days worth of dinners.
All our beds were made and everything was in place and ready for us to crash and rest!
Our friends made sure we had a good supply of some basic foods to get us by the first few days.  For those of you who've lived here: check out the "zucaritas" (Argentine Frosted Flakes).

Of course, after a 'siesta' time, we all agreed to send Daddy out for some goodies.  Eric went to buy some bottled water and find a place where we could get fresh "empanadas" and "medialunas."  Both of these foods are delicious in Argentina.  Needless to say, we had a nice afternoon "merienda" or tea-time with the kids.  

We'll be honest, some of the kids have been asking the typical transition questions like, "I'm just ready to get to Argentina!" (Not realizing that this is it).  Or, "Mommy, can we just go home now?"  Also, "Mommy, I know they're speaking Spanish but they're talking way too fast!"  So, in order to keep them talking through it all and sharing what they see/feel/think about it all, we've put together some questions we ask around the dinner table or on other occasions   It is special to see this experience "through their eyes" and to remember what it was like for each of us as children adapting to this culture.  It is also interesting to think of how our parents did it many years ago...except without internet, without vonage, without cell phones, etc.  We remember when it would take almost 3 weeks sometimes to get a letter from the States.  Wow!  We are blessed!  Anyway, enjoy some of these pictures.
Have you ever seen a toilet flusher button like this?
Here's a close -up...for Eric and I this was normal until we got  to the States many years ago...but we had forgotten about it until this morning.  It had us all laughing!

Ahhh...memories of overseas living: dust everywhere...for those of us who love to go barefoot, our feet were black within just a few hours.  We'll definitely need to mop but I get the funny feeling that, just like living in North Africa, it will be black with dust again before we know it!  Here, Lucia is looking "in amazement" at the black stuff on her feet.
Tired after the long trip

And finally...milk in a bag!  Something we had forgotten about!

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  1. Eric and Kristi,

    First of all, a belated Happy Birthday to Kristi! I subscribed to your blog via email and was so happy to hear that you had arrived safely to Argentina! Those photos bring back many memories :) We were in that very apartment last August when we made a visit back to Argentina. Those empanadas & medialunas made my mouth water :) You have been in my prayers and I will continue to lift you up as you all get settled, especially your precious kids. Love and blessings from Aunt Nancy Muskrat


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