Sunday, August 17, 2014


As you remember, it is winter here in Argentina!  We've had several beautiful snows and lots of rain.  Some of the highlights of this season have been
the two weeks we were without gas in the house.  This meant that we had no heating, no use of our stove/oven, no gas dryer, and no hot water.  The children felt as though we were camping out!  We had all the kids sleeping in one room so we could use a little electric heater to keep the bedroom warm.  We used big pots to boil water.  We cooked in our toaster oven and in our fireplace.  In the midst of this, God gave us opportunities to host several people.  We had our team members in town for a weekend.  Grady and Claire are like family to us so it was a lot of fun having them in our neck of the woods.  We also hosted an Argentine single missionary who lives and works in Papua New Guinea.  She was making her speaking rounds and we had the blessing of having her and her sister in our home for a meal.  We've also been able to host several Argentine families who have been asking us more about homeschooling, family discipleship, the ministry and work in the Patagonia, etc. 
We had some minor issues with our computer which have made it difficult to update the blog as we have desired.  We are currently trying to solve the problem so we can easily post updates more frequently.  You can find our latest newsletter HERE.  Thank you for staying in touch!

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