Tuesday, October 29, 2013

November Prayer Calendar...

Please download, save, and/or print our November Prayer Calendar!  Keep this page in your Bible or by your dining table so you can remember to pray for us and the work each day this month.  Thank you!!
Dereck, Audrey, and baby Andrew Tucker are a new missionary family in country!
Andrew Tucker and Emilia Stanton sporting their Argentine team shirts
**Emilia (5/20) and Andrew Tucker (8/10) are the newest little mks in Argentina.  The Tuckers are a new family who just transferred in from Panama; they will be serving with the Buenos Aires team.  We had them over to share some of the exquisite Argentine cuisine, "Choripan" (grilled sausage) with "chimichurri" sauce and pureed pumkin (calabaza).  For dessert, we walked down the street to the nearby ice-cream shop to introduce them to delicious Argentine ice-cream!  Welcome Tuckers!!!

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  1. Thank you for the updates! Love the pics of your family - keep up the posts!


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